Athletic fitness reduces weight hold how to reduce weight _


To all female friends, it is better to hope oneself figure is poorer, so friend of a lot of females can use athletic fitness to reduce weight do the result that will achieve thin body. In fact, athletic fitness reduces weight drill training not only can invite the body each place become more perfect, motion rises special still simple. We understand a few acts below.

Athletic fitness reduces weight hold

1, step reduces weight hold

Above all will double leg and approach has stood, the right hand captures the dumbbell that a 10 pounds control, catch will right leg as far as possible unbend of face of in the future, bend till what form 90 degrees with left leg. This moment leans his body to be above left knee as far as possible, at the same time left hand needs to keep same a height and toward unbend, and the prolapse of right hand nature can. The body that will cross oneself raises the right hand again later, must lift 14 times. Change across to lift finally can. This movement can beautification back and the line with tendinous leg.

2, side bends drawing setting-up exercise

Handhold above all a pair of 5 pounds or the dumbbell of 10 pounds, make both hands hangs down naturally the both sides of the body. Will left foot is extended, your hip ministry shows 90 degrees, and make right closefisted is stuck in shoulder again slowly raise come, the second half body that props up the waist at the same time bends toward left, make left-hand dumbbell can lean on left ankle. Later again the right hand slowly had lifted the top of head, keep same with left hand linear. This action is OK and unilateral after repeating again change sides is done, it can let ham and shoulder become more fine.

3, triceps reduces weight hold

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