Facial how does gem gal let facial ministry become more young _


Believe everybody knows, the thin face product on market and the method that your skin ameliorates are very much, but a lot of methods cannot achieve favorable result, make facial ministry improvement becomes particularly difficult. In fact, the friends that love gem gal also can be passed facial gem gal will achieve the effect that improves facial ministry, we see gem gal improve facial 3 Xiaofang standard together below.

Facial gem gal

1, V hand dispel is knitted

Press two middle finger severally above all inside the brow place above canthus, the eyebrow end that two forefinger come to reoccupy be in by the canthus outside living severally, and increase pressure appropriately. See eye upgrade face next, carry next eyelid at the same time, be similar to like rising eye narrow one’s eyes, loosen slowly again later. Part these two measure later repeat 10 times, rise eye lock finally action of a complete set of can end after awaiting 10 seconds. This method can effective improve piscine end grain and eyelid prolapse and pouch dropsy.

2, the smile pulls a skin

Open mouth above all show O glyph, and use a lip conceal the tooth. Stretch mouth to undertake a few bigger smile then, still need to conceal the tooth nevertheless, this movement needs to practice repeating 6 times. Put an index finger to his chin again, continue to maintain do not leak dental smile. Till,move along face of jaw bone upgrade finally temporal position, move again later come back to undertake repetition. This method can promote the line of the cheek, reduce facial decretal grain.

3, stroke smooth furrow

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