When doing an exercise, masses fitness should prepare what _


Masses setting-up exercise will be gymnastic with dancing and music all confluence arrives one case, because this gets of a lot of friends love. And adopt the practice of masses setting-up exercise, can let people feel pursuit health and beautiful confidence. Need what to article prepare in the process that are novice friends having masses setting-up exercise practices so?

Masses setting-up exercise needs preparative goods

1, sneaker

Jumping in drill process, because carry momentum is extraordinary big, must choose a pair of shock-proof sexes to compare good shoes so. Novice friends had better choose muti_function sneaker, namely of shoe before the shoe that the palm after the palm is mixed contains air cushion, can be so when fluctuation is bouncing the impact that lessens to be brought to joint. Otherwise if get on the foot concussion is transferred below vertebral the word with ischiadic place, very possible meeting causes very severe case. So, in shoe the ten million on this problem cannot treat sth lightly.

2, athletic package

Additional, in athletic process everybody still needs to prepare package of a campaign, if,the mobile phone that this campaign package must want to install next canvasser is mixed the little article with etc. It is better to if can prepare a bit bigger campaign to include the result,be met, can install athletic clothing and towel entirely. At the same time female friend still needs to prepare a small bandeau, such not only can help us manage very beautiful hair, also can suck the sweat that flows when motion, make oneself figure becomes more perfect.

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