Abdomen reduces weight gem gal has _ of what action type


For fat to abdomen female friend, constant regular meeting searchs various meanses to achieve the goal that reduces abdomen. In fact, want to achieve better thin abdomen result, everybody can consult gem gal. So after all does abdomen reduce weight what does the action type of gem gal have? Next we provoke type with respect to the gem gal that sees thin abdomen together.

Abdomen reduces weight gem gal provokes type

1, twist a waist to turn leg

Lying on his back above all, open two hands and make the same score put two side, raise two bases come, make an ankle as tall as knee. Be in inspiratory when, double foot clamp, expiratory, will leave half body next slowly turn toward right, notice this moment foot and knee cannot come up against a floor quite. Inspiratory later return former, expiratory turn toward left again. Provoke type through this not only next abdomen that can exercise human body, return the power that can exercise leg ministry and arm, make of these a few place adipose get sufficient blaze.

2, type of simple and easy V

Sit above all good genuflect, the tiptoe that holds two feet severally with two hands or ankle. And bend of face of in the future of upper part of the body 30 degrees, when inspiratory hind expiratory, will right leg is raised come, make ankle and knee euqally tall. Undertake again later inspiratory hind expiratory, will left foot is raised first come, your ankle and knee maintain same altitude, when after 3 breath, put down again will continue to be done 100 times. This method can exercise back effectively, the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on your abdomen back disappears, nevertheless end vertebra once got hurt cannot undertake quite.

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