Make fitness of motion having oxygen plan to need to notice what _


Believe everybody knows, through fitness not only can have a good figure, the body that still can make oneself becomes more healthy, reduce the torment of ailment. So more and more person selected choose undertake fitness exercises. Nevertheless, blind fitness can not have favorable effect. Because this everybody wants to make gymnastical plan, so what making fitness of motion there is oxygen plan to need to notice?

Fitness of motion having oxygen plans a note

1, body examination

Before shortly will begin formal take exercising to live, must want to have the examination above constitution, had not attended the friends that take exercise for a long time to need to notice more especially. If do not have gymnastical foundation, begin to undertake fitness, not only can cause muscle ache and excessive and tired condition, possible still meeting causes the disease above the heart to suffer from, successive must want in gymnastical process so. At the same time everybody still needs to turn fitness into the life a medium part, it is climb stair and housework to be able to count fitness.

2, exercise time

Although say to undertake taking exercise meeting spending the proper time of people, but motion is healthy to safeguarding for particularly important. Everybody can be in what inchoate moment tries all sorts of types to exercise a plan, until find a kind oneself suit to exercise a method approvingly again already. And reduce to lead wounded machine, no matter be,fitness still is before fitness later, everybody needs to undertake warm up is mixed loosen an activity. If be in the process that take exercise,occurrence heart-throb and bosom ache and disgusting wait for a circumstance, need stops to take exercise instantly.

3, exercise intensity

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