Daily back gem gal sculpture is attractive back line _


To loving the friends of gem gal for, can undertake the training of gem gal to free time, basically can practice gem gal everyday even. Still have a few friends to make the line of own back more attractive, also can have daily back gem gal. What action type to have after all so can does sculpture give attractive back line?

Daily back gem gal method

1, vertebral turn round

Sit above all had stood, go to two legs in front unbend, and will left leg bends put to the ham of right, on your arch face. Be in inspiratory when, extend left arm forth, left hand captures the toe of right leg, the upper part of the body slowly turn to right, and will right arm gets back, and use waist of right hand general left pull. Be in later expiratory when, endeavor the trunk of the head and upper part of the body to turn toward right, after the nature that awaits 20 minutes breathes, change undertake at the same time additionally.

2, trigonometry is rotational

Had stood naturally above all, bipod departure. In deep breathing when, raise the arm will follow ground parallel, two knee unbend, right leg turns toward right 90 degrees, left foot is gone to left-hand rotation 60 degrees. Expiratory when, go to the upper part of the body left-hand rotation, and curve trunk downward, the right hand puts two feet between, arm of this moment left hand and right arm show a perpendicular line, two eyes see left-hand finger tip. Then, extend bladebone and double shoulder. Inspiratory when, had received both hands first, receive trunk again, call in bipod finally.

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