The lady should notice what _ when training of setting-up exercise reducing weight


Setting-up exercise has been a kind of fashionable kind that cannot lack quite inside contemporary province, and because these actions are unusual simple, still can achieve better result reducing weight, got the loving of friend of a lot of females. Return need to notice a few item in the process of lady setting-up exercise reducing weight nevertheless, ability assures better athletic result quite. We have a look together below.

Note of lady setting-up exercise reducing weight

1, healthy sanitation

Above all, in finish after the motion of setting-up exercise, disciplinarian must want seasonable will been hit by sweat wet dress changes, avoid to cause the appearance of catch a cold, if training inside air conditioning room especially, should change in time more. After moving at the same time, need undertakes right amount extend moves again shower. Next, often jump the friends of lady setting-up exercise reducing weight, need notices his crural ministry, often build oneself toenail, because broken toenail can break the skin on broken foot, your toe agnail.

2, successive

In the process that just began campaign, carry momentum ten million cannot too big, and should be adopted add the method that add gradually, increase athletic scope of successive. And each movement does not need hold to too long time, ten minutes go. Additional, before motion, need undertakes warm up and proper extend move first, especially the extend of lower limbs is more important. Still have, the training that abecedarian had better undertake 3 times two every week, the frequency that OK and proper addition exercises later.

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