Is to oxygen motion fitness has what advantage _


For the friends to wanting to reduce weight, motion having oxygen is best choice. If can train force to rise with union of sports having oxygen, can achieve particularly good result reducing weight. So after all what is fitness of motion there is oxygen? What gain can motion there is oxygen achieve? Next we understand.

What is fitness of motion having oxygen

1, the meaning of motion having oxygen

Motion having oxygen is the physical training that points to people to come down to undertake in the condition with sufficient oxygen. In the process that moving namely, the oxygen that the oxygen with human body inspiratory place wants to follow need is equal, achieve the balance status on physiology thereby. A few simpler for, motion having oxygen is the motion that points to a kind of any rich and metrical sexes, the time of these motion is longer, athletic intensity also is in medium medium perhaps on. At the same time oxygen moves is a kind of constant constant motion, even if last 5 minutes above still has strength to spare.

2, the advantage of motion having oxygen

In the process of motion having oxygen, the muscle of every place of the body needs a lot of oxygen, such ability let the blood inside body quite circular aggravate, also can make breathe aggravate, and if have campaign for long, muscle undertakes systole with respect to what can last, the trash inside muscle also can be taken away by oxygen. Additional, in the process of motion having oxygen, the candy branch of the corner inside body is oxidized, have so use up effectively, inside body adipose also meet be burned very quickly, return the heart lungs function that can promote human body.

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