How much is athletic fitness knowledge worth how better fitness _


Although say the friends that have body building nowadays are very much, but favorable result was not achieved after a lot of friends pass long-term motion. In fact, this is caused. So move after all what does gymnastical knowledge have? How is talent enough better have body building?

Athletic fitness knowledge

1, take exercise can drink water

In the process that take exercise, a lot of people can appear thirsty circumstance, so everybody does not need when thirsty when drink water again, once feel to be about dehydration, must want moisture content of the complement on the horse, also want to drink a cup of water when taking exercise in the morning at the same time. Because of the cell inside human body need relies on circular ability to achieve the energy of need quite, just also can excrete trash. When lacking water, of moist cell humoral can become little, the cell also cannot have normal activity quite, must want seasonable filling water so.

2, do not perspire as far as possible

In athletic process, must hold to the basic principle that does not perspire as far as possible, no matter be to be in when He De, have this possibility only, prevent perspired situation with respect to need. Because perspire,also need energy, and these energy come from Yu Han gland, in the process that uses energy in sweat gland, the energy on the body is met less and less, the workload that the body can do also can decrease. So, in athletic process, need endeavors to keep comfortable and cool, won’t bring to the body in that way any harm.

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