Gem gal dancing reducing weight how _ of flesh of deduction go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married


Believe major female friend does not hope to have brawny body, such not only the beauty that can invite a female alls gone, still can make oneself lose confidence. So, friend of a lot of females can pass gem gal dancing reducing weight to reduce weight. So how to use the deduction of flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that will this kind of method come to get on the body after all? We understand today.

Gem gal dancing reducing weight provokes type

1, dog type

Above all, had stood, will double foot and approach, leg ministry unbend, the body is gone to below bend, stick in the floor till two closefisted above, then back a little arch rises, facial ministry puts crus above, hip must want as far as possible too tall. Go to two arms next in front outspread, turn next dogs into type, hit back at the same time it is with double arm continuously on a line, coxal slowly upgrade face is raised, again leg ministry unbend. This method can exercise arm and hip and leg ministry effectively, can make these of place adipose accelerate combustion.

2, tiger type

Above all genuflect is maintained go up in the bed, maintain arm and ham perpendicular. Expiratory when, go to right leg in front bend one’s knees, push without using one’s hands of vertebral upgrade face, and lower one’s head, stand by nose the place of knee as far as possible. This pose maintains later, screen lives breathe 6 seconds. Inspiratory when, face of upgrade of will right leg carries, the foot is gone to in front stretch tight closely, toe extends the way to the head, again will vertebral let below arch, the leg can be changed to undertake later. This movement can train a balance effectively neurological, make the muscle above leg ministry more slender.

3, Gong Shi

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