How does gem gal method reducing weight use _ of gem gal thin body


Although say one part friend practices gem gal is to develop the potential above the body, but will look according to statistical result, still major friend practices gem gal is to achieve the goal of thin body. So after all what does gem gal method reducing weight have? How can you just use gem gal achieve the effect of thin body? Next we see a few common gem gal reduce weight action type.

Gem gal method reducing weight

1, one word extends pectoral pattern

Maintain supine pose above all, breathe and loosen what had adjusted oneself. Next tiptoe unbend, centre of gravity puts calcaneal above. Be in inspiratory when, upgrade of will coxal emphatic is raised, your body carries one word model, at the same time the waist and bosom need to exert oneself to do sth. upgrade. Expiratory when, face of head in the future is heavy. Shut an eye to have natural breath next, let spirit loosen, and maintain this pose one minute. This pose not only can treat constipation and asthma, still can increase vital capacity, have bosom line beautification.

2, vertical extends pectoral pattern

Had stood naturally above all, adjust good breath. Be in expiratory when, face of head in the future is heavy, and have natural breath, can feel throat and head are loosened completely. Inspiratory when, face of will coxal upgrade becomes warped, and imagine going with the top of head enough hip. Open extend of face of both hands in the future then come, the artifice must want to be loosened completely keep flagging. The practice that adopts this method not only can adjust rachis and back, still can treat bronchitic the patient with hand ministry convulsion.

3, camel genuflect vertical

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