Introduction of gem gal foundation has what knowledge to nod _


To the friends of gem gal novice, because had not undertaken all the more takes exercise, the need in knowing the process that practices in gem gal very hard so notices what item, cause the error of the exercise very likely thereby, bring an influence to the body. So after all what does knowledge of introduction of gem gal foundation have? We are shared together below.

Introduction of gem gal foundation

1, exact position

The purpose of exercise gem gal is for the force sex of promotional body and flexibility, so the training of each posture should eat fluent. When practice, must want to control more acuteness activity as far as possible, because acuteness activity is met be pregnant with and generation gather lactic acid, cause exhausted the ache that goes up with the body. Next, still need to notice breath when practicing gem gal. Can mix the energy of human body because of accurate breath vigor open, also can the foul smell lung is abluent, keep clear of the toxin inside human body.

2, accurate food

The friends that are practicing gem gal in the eye, must undertake be mixinged simply is opposite healthy and beneficial maigre, as a result of maigre it is natural food can be let very easily intestines and stomach is digested. Such food can rise the vigor of the body and healthy join, make the heart more noiseless, invite the body inside move restlessly get a some release. So, the friend of exercise gem gal must want experience to restrain the course is machined or canned food. Nevertheless, gem gal also does not importune everybody to do a vegan, just advocate quite just.

3, active and contemplative

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