Domestic fitness plans to have what content _

For healthy, the person can make plan of fitness of a family. Domestic fitness plan is not to improve the health only, still have additionally live rescuing skill, training of aggrandizement having oxygen waits a lot of projects a moment. How to do a science reasonable domestic fitness schedule? What specific content does schedule of this kind of family have? What specific training project is there?

Domestic fitness plans

1, plan content

Inside domestic fitness plan, to a week 6 days, have different training content, have warm up share, with training having oxygen, strong volume trains, have compound movement training, and assign these content into different group. There is run in warm up training for example, resilient across walks, ran cent is 400 meters 1 group, our bank walks along cent to be a group 10 times, in schedule, should finish every time 3 go to 5 groups. Think compound movement trains a part, it is a group 50 times by push-up, the barbell before lens crouchs greatly 50 times to be a group, complete a plan everyday according to schedule, with respect to the result that can achieve fitness.

2, make a plan

If want to make a family train a plan, what are the purpose that should understand oneself want to achieve above all and effect? Additional even the body circumstance according to oneself, what can I do? And should notice oneself habits and customs and timeline, pass these a few harmonious collocation, make next give a reasonable schedule.

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