Contemplative gem gal has _ of what exercise method

Gem gal exercise is a kind of very good fitness method, in more and more let more people know and be approbated. There is one to plant in gem gal contemplative very may much person returns gem gal not quite know. Contemplative process of gem gal Dan Xiulian, this is one kind is released to life system energy recombine, the integrated process that repair optimizes. Contemplative gem gal, passing is contemplative, thorough severe test, make life more gentle and halcyon, so whole airframe achieves oblivious of oneself status, improve body condition of the person thereby.

Contemplative the connection method of gem gal

1, exercise method

Be in contemplative in method of gem gal exercise, one kind ambulates type is contemplative, speech is contemplative, candle power is contemplative, these are contemplative it is sit quietly, shut sit in meditation of eye cross one’s legs, finger or shape of palmar clutch lotus, in different environment, in odour, or in music, undertake contemplative, of this kind of gem gal contemplative, it is a heart, meaning, spirit is completely dedicated be in primitive in, achieve buddhist to be mixed surely 3 rub a kind of of ground state simple method.

2, breathing method

Doing contemplative gem gal when, how can a lot of teachers teach you to breathe? With slam the door, breathe out greatly at a heat hind screen lives, flashy brains enters vacuum state, cannot undertake thinking, when thinking is cut off a kind of energy flows automatically drip, enter perception, at that time whole mood can loosen the person come down. Do contemplative gem gal, can adjust your Morpheus, refection letting a person and spirit, adjust health of body and mind, let a person maintain halcyon and unruffled state of mind.

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