The method with push-up accurate breath is what kind of _

A lot of people can do push-up to exercise strong physique, take exercise even with push-up muscle and reduce weight. How can just achieve the result of expect when doing push-up so, breath is exceedingly actually important, push-up breath should have not at normal breath, push-up breath is to use abdominal, how to use abdominal?

Push-up breathes

1, abdominal

Abdominal is a kind, with the method that abdomen will come to breathe, it is the method of a kind of breath of the dot that just was born, inspiratory when abdomen can be roused, double shoulder is raised, expiratory when the gas inside abdomen all eduction, be in an aeriform eduction inside thorax, the method calls abdominal to make go against breath again, with this kind of method breath can increase hematic flow to increase metabolism, with this kind of method when doing push-up breath can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.

2, breathing rhythm

When doing push-up, every do motion to have breath, breath is finished in athletic process, this belongs to synchronous type to breathe a law, it is consistent that its rhythm follows campaign. With this kind breathing law moves, when contracting, when inspiratory muscle extend expiratory, such breath and motion are formed consistent. To the body taking exercise is helpful.

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