Lian Yuga should notice what _

Gu Yin of gem gal traceable is spent, way of this kind of movement can let person cultivate one’s moral character raise a gender not only, improve the health, more can body of thin body model, what already became lady of a lot of white-collars now is favorite. How can Lian Yuga just reduce weight? Gem gal moves this kind, because do not accept the restriction of environment and time, more and more the first selection that becomes public figure reducing weight, the what movement ability of gem gal makes quite adipose combustion, model body repair and maintain?

How Lian Yuga

1, time

When doing gem gal to take exercise, although used same time, but effect reducing weight is distinct however, time choice is wrong when this reason goes out to exercise gem gal in you. Hollow in the morning exercise gem gal is first-rate choice, the energy that when taking characteristic gem gal because of aerospace, wastes is to originate adipose and not be muscle, if you are after the meal,the energy that if taking exercise, wastes often is to just eat the carbohydrate that go in, want from blueness what had piled up inside body is adipose inside get energy, that exercises talent in the morning only enough bigger change the ground eliminate adipose, rise to reduce the effect of fat thin body.

2, preparation

Do gem gal to take exercise, want to make a preparation to the body above all, smooth foot had better be worn comfortable and comfortable, so that the dress of body movement. Had better be to choose to spread a rug on the floor, or a soft mat, air of the choice inside the room is fresh can the room of free beautiful oxygen. Do not fall in fanner, or gem gal takes exercise below air conditioning, a few contemplative music can be put when exercising gem gal, perhaps burn a few essence are oily, let a person can very fast enter the sort of contemplative state.

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