Healthy pyramid differentiates dietary structure _

The healthy pyramid that people often says, what point to actually is nutrient pyramid, it is the pyramid that points to food guideline, this kind of pyramid can be balanced prandial, it is a pyramid that produces the food chain that give artificially. For the nutrition with directive reasonable people, reasonable prandial, how is making the healthy pyramid that come out to differentiate of dietary structure? We look together below.

Healthy pyramid

1, the number of plies of pyramid

Healthy pyramid divides 4 in all, each different food, human body absorbs nutrient absorption differently. Can use healthy pyramid, make a plan to food, be opposite especially a few personages that reduce weight, this kind of pyramid type provides the means of healthy diet frame and good nutrition criterion to you. Inside the market of pyramid, be opposite respectively two city, vegetable fruit, milk products, undertook differentiating with animal sex food. We want to make dietary result more perfect, can be recuperated according to healthy pyramid structure.

2, the concept of pyramid

The concept that health is him is healthy diet is used to, want much draft fruit and vegetable, day at least drinkable 3 cups of milk that do not have fat, the quantity is to should choose coarse food grain, as far as possible choose the 6 food crops food grains other than wheat and rice to 8 to come edible, although protein choice is the choice from the flesh still basically mix from chicken fish will absorb on fabaceous beans, this kind of concept just is the concept of healthy diet, so we are in at ordinary times in the life, basically want to eat a few high grade meat more a little, the application that compensatory body needs.

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