Gem gal practices what movement practices _

Do gem gal to be able to reduce weight, a lot of people know, gem gal serves as not to suffer an environment, do not suffer what time restricts to exercise a method, more and more be liked by popular, do gem gal to be not divided old young, do not divide a men and women, want you to hold to only, can exercise not only reduce weight, and still can edify sentiment. When doing gem gal to take exercise, does gem gal practice what action there is? Movement of what gem gal is OK is effect reducing weight betterer?

Gem gal practices

1, ham reduces weight

Reduce weight to decrease a leg first the principle that this is a lot of beautiful Mm, arrived especially spring, pulling an elephant leg, wear what kind of dress very ugly. Gem gal begins from leg ministry, if want to trim inside thigh, we can retain power of standing position of a station, the right leg that lets oneself is crossed forth into one stride, slightly bend down the waist, what both hands puts in the waist is mid, the or so foot that should hold oneself while start comes is replaced each other, this kind of movement 10 seconds, it is a group 10 times every, make we can be done a few slower, slowly accelerate rate, this kind takes exercise to do a group each in the evening midday in the morning everyday, can see the effect very quickly.

2, the waist reduces weight

Want to make action of lumbar Dan Yuga reducing weight very much also, among them one the simplest is, the pose that holds stand at attention stands, the right leg that lets oneself rises up gradually, carry top position, at that time the body wants to poise, can keep 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Base of same behavioral left and right sides rises do, when making such motion, buttock following crouchs, at that time your abdomen and waist are very demanding, the muscle of abdomen and waist is met by drawing, insist to do the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on waist of a week to be able to decrease.

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