Gal of gem of begin to learn learns a note to have what _

A lot of people are learning gem gal now, some to reduce weight, some for model body, returning some is a kind of exercising method. The person that just began to do gem gal has a few sides should notice, how does gal of gem of begin to learn learn? Inside gem gal education, always can appear the brim of a limit this word, actually it tells begin to learn the person of gem gal namely, do not want exceeding push-pull drag in, want gentle spread only, and it is OK to have pilot practices.

How does gal of gem of begin to learn learn

1, time

When learning gem gal, we should notice to learn the rationality of time, also cannot cross hunger full, should be after the meal 3 to 4 hours when, and before doing gem gal half hour does not drink water. The time that makes gem gal additionally also does not grow too, just began to do the person of gem gal, 30 minutes OK, still have the exercise that must do a few warm up before doing gem gal, such making that oneself body is extended. In doing gem gal process, retention period does not grow too among a few movements, otherwise your muscle drawing can be overcome, do not exceed 4 seconds commonly. Grew yourself to be able to bear as the time that make, in build-up time.

2, breath

When learning gem gal, we should notice to breathing method masters when doing gem gal, gem gal is not the enumerate of a movement only, it is the effect that breath is cooperating a movement to arise at the same time actually, in learning gem gal, our attention should be put in the movement, on the feeling that makes arise inside oneself body, those who belong to a kind of movable type is contemplative. When doing gem gal, we should go to breath with nose, the person’s breath flows in passages through which vital energy circulates, breathe with nose, conduce to gas arteries and veins moving smoothly, learn gem gal so, breath is very important.

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