Equipment of old people fitness uses contraindication to have what _

There is gymnastical equipment inside a few villages now, and these gymnastical material are provided for old people mostly. Picture a few twist a waist implement, drawing machine, empty ramble machine, parallel bars of a few horizontal bar, a lot of old people are being used. Because be the equipment inside the village, belong to communal equipment, safeguard in maintenance on hard to avoid wants too lag, so old people must notice safety when use, what contraindication do equipment of these old people fitness have when use additionally?

Equipment of old people fitness uses item

1, empty ramble machine

The empty ramble machine in the village is the equipment of a kind of fitness that old people prefers, old people double leg stands on machine of empty mark time, swing back and forth, look be like a movement not quite, without what risk sex. Actually machine of this kind of empty mark time swings extent is OK big, old people double foot stands above left the ground actually very dangerous, because of empty ramble machine taking exercise is, lumbar and leg ministry sarcous take exercise, a lot of old people have the appearance of ageing in this two respects, when you use spacewalk machine, extent does not pass big, can help injury aircraft advocate the muscle all round, tenacity of sarcous sticking a person had been differred, the frequency when you are being used wants some slower.

2, twist a waist implement

Have in equipment of old person fitness twist a waist implement it is a sport that senile woman likes particularly, a few old people like to stand on a gyral big disc, swinging lumbar, this big disc has 360 degrees corner coming back actually, old people wants special caution when use, hand must live baluster, do not rotate easily otherwise rate is too rapid, perhaps rotate point of view is too old, cause the sprain of lumbar easily, again baluster when should notice to prevent slippery, lest slip out of the hand is right,the body causes harm.

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