Back posture has what advantage to have what characteristic _ after

Back posture says to carry type on the back again after, this is a kind of pose in sexual intercourse. This kind of experience is very much now the person is being used, backside posture law and normal posture way are same, just the female is to bending over, stick up a buttock, male criterion and normal posture way are same, maintain oneself with the hand, in inserting the penis female vagina from female backside, this kind of form gets of a lot of people like, where is its main advantage?

The advantage of the posture is carried on the back after

1, more exciting

When sexual intercourse takes this kind of form, the female’s pose, it is to bending over hump waist sticks up a buttock, this kind of form is opposite itself the male is a kind of strong stimulation, the male from hind the waist that carries encircle female on the back, let the penis by rear insert, because the penis and vaginal direction are consistent, so the can successful band between the couple is in at the same place, and the pleasure that male spermary also has opportunity stimulation to cause a female to the female’s clitoris.

2, more thorough

When making love with this kind of form, the presents close right angle case of the penis and vagina, of union more harmonious, and the male can make a few caressing motions in back, with the insertion that this kind of form can make male penis more thorough, abigail sex gets pleasure, after making this kind of motion a few times commonly, the female can like go up, and this kind of movement looks special the form that resembles imitating an animal, can feel primitive pleasant sensation.

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