Swim what pose swims most gymnastical _

More and more people liked to go up to swim now, when swim, the person is in water the action of buoyancy, make the person can float on surface, can exercise not only, still can let a person loosen the mood, make person decompression. A lot of places had natatorium now, make a person OK can get natant all the year round take exercise, so swim what to pose have?

Natant pose

1, crawl

Crawl is a kind of very common natant pose. This is a kind of when Australian person invented 1850 natant means, both hands across is before the bosom, a kind of when climb ahead natant form, double leg kicks dozen of water ceaselessly, the leg is in kick there are a lot of changes when hitting, general and common is beautification water two, the leg kicks dozen of water 6 times, breathe, crawl has made Olympic Games item now.

2. , breaststroke

This is one kind imitates a kind of of frog natant movement natant gesture. A lot of people are inside water, learned breaststroke not self-consciously, this is in the whole people the commonnest kind in swimming swims means, when breaststroke, natant breaststroke person whether does ahead of OK and convenient observation have fraise, avoid dash against fraise. Because the rate of breaststroke is slower, the action is quicker, what so a lot of people learn above all when learning to swim is breaststroke. Breaststroke also becomes a kind on the Olympic Games now.

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