Model form has the methodological _ that what motion lets the figure is better

Although model form can reduce weight, but it is not a kind of method that reduce weight completely, one kind model form is pair of bodily form is modelled, it includes to reduce weight and move, he is to use campaign, perhaps use model body garment and Lian Yuga, do strong and handsome hold wait for a form, let the bodily form of oneself body up to mark. A lot of youths are not very fat, but he can do model body exercise, the bodily form that lets oneself namely is more perfect.

The method of model form

1, motion having oxygen

Ran is a first-rate model body movement, in motion ran attributes movement having oxygen, if half hour, the rhythm with weak eager to do well in everything masters in ran, it is tantivy canters one paragraph again a paragraph, gently refreshment is joined to move in the interval that is athletic intensity, it is motion of half hours having oxygen likewise, because this kind of rhythm has,have by force weak, with respect to the effect that can use up the quantity of heat of one times to achieve thin body more, so model has oxygen campaign in motion personally, it is a first-rate motion.

2, load

When using motion having oxygen to make body of model reducing weight, if feel oneself body energy is OK, can do an exercise that loads, loaded bulk, do not exceed 20% of the body, if feel loading is not very comfortable, you can try to grasp two long pole in the hand, although this grows the weight of height to be not weighed, also control with respect to a jin, but it can help you burn more the quantity of heat of 20% , and do not have any side-effect, this also belongs to a kind when load.

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