Reduce abdomen Nan what to method leaves _ of little stomach Nan

Believe to female friends, having small gut is a very sick business, after all the female is love beauty, and after having little stomach Nan, oneself explicit figure is met greatly discount, and also cannot wear good-looking dress. For the female because of Nan of this little to having stomach, resemble leave through a few methods little stomach Nan, so reduce abdomen Nan what to method there is?

Reduce the method of abdomen Nan

1, sit-ups

Carry out a proof through a lot of people, often do sit-ups to have profit very much actually to reducing abdomen Nan. We are in at ordinary times if available idle is worldly, we can try to do sit-ups. Particular way is we lie on the bed, the hip that lets oneself next stays outside the window, next slowly our knee since the turn, the ham that lets us can be above our abdomen, make the same score our hand again put below hip, this moment uses abdominal power, the leg as far as possible past extension forward is straight, most crucial is abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. , other position is loosened,

2, thick salt is massaged

To salt, can let promote our human body to discharge sweat, also can help us the redundant water inside our body divides eduction or trash, the skin that lets us becomes delicate luster. Actually thick salt still can help us decrease little stomach, thick salt has commonly in the supermarket sell, before we are bathing in the evening everyday, can put salt in hot water, after waiting for salt to melt entirely, OK and even besmear is in our abdomen, next slowly massage probably time of 5 minutes, when after ten minutes, can be washed with clear water.

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