Do violent campaign to want to notice has what note _

When people is doing acuteness exercise, often can go all lengths, but after motion, can have a dry tongue dry, the reaction of giddy even dazzled, at that time a lot of people are met one buttock sits on the ground, perhaps lie on the ground, a few people can take soda water to eat and drink too much. These have very great harm to the body, after violent campaign, what note should have? We should notice after motion can exercise already so, still have meeting protection good body.

Violent campaign note

1, cannot have an insatiable desire for cool

Dripping wet of kubla khah of the metropolis after a lot of people are moving, as the eduction moisture with many body, what the person after motion needs most is to drink water, especially a few youths, to be mixed racily satisfy a craving, the meeting in the process that drinking water drinks the water of a few iced. Have here wrong at 2 o’clock, it is acuteness cannot water in great quantities after motion, 2 be cannot drink very cool water quite, because move when, the blood-vessel of airframe surface is in outspread, temperature lifts all pore are extended, just can discharge sweat so much. If we introduce cold water immediately, or introduce many water, make the body drops in temperature, can make the skin constrictive, its temperature adjusts maladjusted wait for a disease, if immune force drops, will catch a cold with respect to meeting incur, have loose bowels, with asthma.

2, cannot dormant

After a lot of people are moving, the meeting is exhausted, think the thing that do lies on the ground namely most at that time, but in violent campaign when, your heartbeat and haemal flow are expedited, receive a dormant status suddenly, contrast is too big, the body produces lash-up reaction easily, at that time your meeting occurrence dizziness is the phenomenon of sign. It is so after violent campaign should motion slow, let heartbeat and haemal flow have the process of an amortize.

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