Sit-ups has the action _ with beneficial what to the body

A lot of people can do sit-ups, this is a kind of exercising means, because it is very simple, and do not select site, my school student rises already exceeding general. Sit-ups also is one of projects amounting to mark of student athletic sports, often do sit-ups but person waist muscle is first-rate, form pregnant not easily also, so do sit-ups what to beneficial effect still have?

The advantage of sit-ups

1, the action to intestines and stomach

In doing sit-ups process, because of abdominal and ceaseless systole, caused an abdomen to carry sarcous on the back to compress, enhanced alvine peristalsis so, the person that does sit-ups so has costive appearance rarely. In doing sit-ups process, ham crus shows 90 degrees, bosom is clingy the pelvis, it is rachis bone gradually extend leaves, it is the action that to intestines and stomach Dou Youshu postpones so, often do sit-ups so, have to intestines and stomach exercise action.

2, the action to department of gynaecology

Do sit-ups to still can exercise a channel, there are a lot of blood capillaries and point inside femur channel, the hemal stimulative blood inside that can be stimulated to circulate in sit-ups process, be treated thereby and disease of slow down department of gynaecology, sit-ups is in drawing back muscle, below the premise of ligament and foundation, adjust head central nervous, still can enhance immune power, often doing sit-ups so have very great help to disease of department of gynaecology.

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