After fitness loosen motion to have what _

Among the trade that very much now person begins to devote into fitness, go in the time of every sky idle be good at fitness, it is very advantageous to our health. But most person is in fitness when, can feel oneself body be unable to stand, systemic ache, actually this and athletic method have particular concern, be returned next and after fitness loosen motion to have greatest concern, after fitness it is likewise important to loosen motion.

Loosen motion

1, seat body proneness

After motion, if we are OK real time make motion of seat body proneness, very helpful to improving the fatigue feeling after fitness. Particular way is to sit on the ground, next the double leg unbend us, as far as possible unbend, the back that lets us next sounds continuously, the body slowly tilt forth, arrive all the time can stand by tiptoe, as far as possible stand by forth, if the body has,feel aching sense, want to stop in time, notice quantity and strength, have profit to the muscle tendon of leg ministry so.

2, humeral ministry drawing

Particular way is the sword arm that we raise us, curve our elbow next, let elbow as far as possible the character that presents 90 degrees, next again sword arm slowly had lifted the top of head, right now we need to raise our left arm, slowly the left hand that the right hand that uses us goes to catching us, go to next right drawing, across of two sword arm undertakes, the exhaustion of the back after to alleviating humeral ministry is mixed is very helpful, it is when us so after fitness, those who feel us hind back very be fond of very tired perhaps word, can use this kind of method.

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