Exercise abdominal muscle effectively how to exercise _

To obese person, abdomen is fat and likely it is the most remarkable, how can exercise abdominal muscle, change the muscle that gives 6 to go to 8, of course this need has enough time and patience, need perserves be on a diet and take exercise will achieve a goal. But the effect that good method also can have get twice the result with half the effort, we introduce a few kinds to you, how to exercise the good method of abdominal muscle effectively.

How to exercise abdominal muscle effectively

1, sit-ups

Exercising abdominal muscle side, sit-ups this movement actually the effect is very big, a lot of people are known how to do sit-ups, but cannot insist to come down, if you can perserve,hold to the situp of a month, do 100 times everyday, and when doing, the movement is certain and accurate, you can achieve the result that exercises abdominal muscle. Lie low go up at the ground, double foot touchdown, knee should bend, both hands crisscross at the bosom before, the double foot that others can ask to help you up when cannot be being done or thing, have the floor that the foot ticks off sofa loading practicing so.

2, roll the abdomen moves

In the sport that exercises abdominal muscle, one is plant a celiac motion, the effect also is first-rate. It is lie low go up, both hands is put before the bosom to perhaps be put by temporal, curve knee, the directional scroll of the abdominal muscle that uses you next and genu of humeral ministry Xiang Shuang. When doing this exercise, do not carry whole back entirely from the ground, such meetings injure your back muscle, in raise shoulder when leaving the area, your abdomen can contract, want to notice breath at that time, when shoulder leaves the area, begin expiratory, spit slowly until ensure leave the area entirely, want to stay one second to spit gas completely when shoulder promotes, lay down slowly again next, pass nose at that time inspiratory, this kind of breath and the method that motion cooperates, more can effective exercise abdominal muscle.

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