Use power bicycle has what note _

The athlete uses power bicycle, it is to achieve first-rate to exercise a purpose, because there is video on power bicycle, can every 10 seconds show average power, the person that can be motion so provides information, people can make proper adjustment according to this information. The disease of rehabilitation suffers from with car of this kind of sports, OK also constantly him monitoring athletic condition, cooperate cure. What item should notice when use power bicycle so?

Note of use power bicycle

1, body state

When using power bicycle, the body that should consider oneself is main circumstance, oneself heart lungs capacity and oneself motion ability, and him sarcous bears ability, want to notice to defend when move, prevent to appear to decline or fall in athletic process. If be the indication that the patient wants to notice power certainly, notice the athletic intensity when using, if feel incommensurate,should stop immediately appropriately.

2, make a plan

When using power bicycle, because it can be real time accurate monitoring the quality circumstance of your body, can make athletic prescription so, the plan that can train in order. Have the basis that restores to have data more to disease, can the assessment of level sex, seasonable adjustment exercises plan, can better undertake recovering taking exercise.

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