Nice note of ran fitness effect should understand _

It is first-rate that ran exercises a method this kind, it is a kind of motion having oxygen, all muscle that it can exercise, muscle lets loosen in take exercise, and the vital capacity that exercises oneself. A lot of people exercise with ran, every morning the person that you can see a lot of ran take exercise, so what accurate method does ran fitness have? What what need notices does ran motion still have?

Ran fitness method reachs item

1, take exercise in the home

A lot of people say I do not have time outdoors ran, I also can not afford ran machine without money, so you can undertake ran takes exercise likewise. You want to prepare a pair of softness in the home only, and the ran shoe that has damping effect, buy a large crural cushion again, with respect to the sort of foot pad that puts like the doorway in the home, you can undertake ran takes exercise. If have the balcony, move this motion to the balcony, formed campaign having oxygen, so the ran in the home can exercise all the same, achieve gymnastical goal.

2, ran rhythm

Will exercise with ran, the goal that perhaps achieves fitness just does not run only, there still are a lot of small keys inside. Say you want to have this kind of run 20 minutes everyday for example, mom should have warm up of 5 minutes above all, in before 5 minutes of warm up the first minute is don’t go yet, hind 4 minutes are to go quickly, the muscle that can invite your body so is loosened rise, place don’t go yet goes quickly perhaps, this is a warm up arrives before ran, rapid in taking a course quickly addition the switch circumstance of Bd, the hand does not want enclasp to want to loosen, next control is down, had the run that you have 20 minutes again after the warm up in front.

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