Do note of senile setting-up exercise to have what _

As square dance patulous, in the team of square dance, old people held very large proportion. There is no lack of in these square dance a few more outstanding senile setting-up exercise, let old people be in lively music not only cheerful the mood and exercised the body, so to a few fat old people, can you use senile setting-up exercise to come fitness? What note does senile setting-up exercise have in gymnastical process?

Note of senile setting-up exercise

1, notice motion is measured

The person has such and such trouble to senile body, when doing senile setting-up exercise so, must choose to agree with oneself setting-up exercise, arrive from athletic intensity athletic extent, want to suit oneself body situation. If gymnastical purpose will do senile setting-up exercise, that must achieve certain carry momentum, because fitness uses up caloric ability to be finished quite, have the senile setting-up exercise of a hour everyday so, such can effective buildup the metabolism inside body, it is a first-rate body building.

2, note time

When doing senile setting-up exercise, the body that wants him attention changes, should note the time that take exercise more. Not anteprandial take exercise, more cannot just satiate hind be done immediately take exercise, take exercise can causing hypoglycemia is very adverse to the body of old people, but if eat too fully to take exercise, also can increase gastric burden burden, to having high blood pressure, be breakneck for the old people of heart disease. A hour after general meal goes to what two hour hind have senile setting-up exercise again to take exercise, also want to notice to exercise intensity when take exercise.

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