Exercise the method with effective abdominal muscle to have what _

Nowadays has beautiful conjugal love, outstanding and fine-looking, beautiful figure has become a kind of fashion, and beautiful abdominal muscle is a grand opera in beautiful figure more then. How can take exercise piece, 6 or 8 abdominal muscle, how is exercising abdominal muscle just the fastest the most effective method? A lot of people are used do not have a meal or smoke fat, these although can very rapid achieve the result, but cannot maintain, we introduce a few kinds of effective methods that exercise abdominal muscle below.

Exercise the method of abdominal muscle

1, push-up of side hands or feet

Want schools produces chunk muscle, exercise abdominal muscle come out, besides use weapon beyond, still can use a few bare-handed motion to take exercise. Like such motion we are in the home is OK accomplish, have the push-up of side hands or feet of a hour everyday, hold to a month, look can not see abdominal sarcous apophysis, at least abdomen adipose be decreased, do 10 times continuously every time, 20 seconds control intermediate interval, as far as possible maintain drill everyday, hold to 4 to 6 weeks above, your abdominal muscle can be shown. Result of this kind of method is very strong.

2, a side hands or feet is propped up

To a few obese people, violent campaign is very painful, so exercising abdominal muscle side, I introduce a dormant motion to you. A side palm is propped up. With your right hand, left perhaps foot, open whole body, inchoate time is quiet 10 seconds arrive 20 seconds, slowly time is longer and longer, best now athlete can achieve 10 minutes, change again next, the left hand that uses you is right perhaps foot, open whole body, when doing this exercise, the muscle of your whole body is met nervous, use sarcous insecurity to use up calorie, what can make you abdominal is adipose slowly eliminate, become whole muscle gradually, this is one kind is compared dormant most the good method of shortcut.

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