How to exercise muscle of lumbar muscle waist to exercise methodological _

The waist is our body in the center one of very significant position, it can show one the individual’s figure, because this is fitness,the position that take exercise should be stressed in the process. Truly strong and handsome waist should be fine and strong and still have the abdominal muscle with clear line, it is very important that accordingly lumbar sarcous takes exercise. So how to exercise lumbar muscle? We introduce a few kinds of methods below.

How to exercise lumbar muscle

1, sideways bows

The body keeps erect, will double leg is apart, two arms are lifted to right and left Xiangping, proneness of the upper part of the body, go with left-hand finger right leg of lay a finger on, sword arm is lifted on nature subsequently, first inspiratory, next reductive, again expiratory. The right hand is changed again after finishing, do the left and right sides 8 times continuously so, notice two legs cannot bend with two arms, do not have the effect otherwise.

2, lift a leg to receive an abdomen

Smooth lie the upper part of the body, leg unbend later and want as far as possible drive up, then again slowly put, this movement exercise is done for some time even later, will double genu bends to continue to make similar action again, repeat continuously do 8 times, this movement basically is to exercise hypogastric muscle.

3, sit Qu Tuan body

The body stands, knee unbend, in the future of the upper part of the body is admired, make the body can poise, next again bend one’s knees receives an abdomen, let abdominal muscle as far as possible fold bend, in the process of the exercise, the footstep cannot contact the ground all the time, the effect is not otherwise apparent. This movement can exercise fluctuation abdomen muscle at the same time.

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