The sport that exercises the waist has what _

The waist is our body in the center a very significant position, lumbar curve also can reflect one the individual’s beauty, especially to female friend, having attractive small pretty small of the back is highest do not start delight business. Want to achieve this result, strengthen the waist to take exercise with respect to need. So what does the sport that exercises the waist have? We come to the introduction fall below.

Exercise lumbar sport

1, extend after proneness

Double leg stands apart, be the same as with the shoulder wide, both hands akimbo, do the waist next each 5~10 is extended after proneness is mixed second. When doing, must keep stable, and the action that after proneness is mixed, extends must sufficient, should accomplish, when moving namely again, should make lumbar muscle is loosened as far as possible.

2, both hands is climbed sufficient

Erect loosen, small differential opens two legs, double arm is moved on, body hind is admired, as far as possible hind admire the oldest rate. After pausing moment a bit immediately proneness body, double at hand moves, let a hand touch as far as possible double foot, former position regains after halt a little, do 10~15 continuously second. When body proneness, double leg cannot bend, do not have the effect otherwise.

3, arch bridge moves

Lie low is on the bed, double leg bends, mix double foot, double ancon occipital exert oneself to do sth. as fulcrum drive up is coxal, be like arch bridge shape. After exercising period of time, can put double arm before the bosom, mix with double foot only occipital will take exercise for fulcrum, exercise 10~20 every time second.

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