Gymnastical method introduction reduces weight thin body no longer difficult _

The while with major now office worker of a lot of white-collars is in sitting, the time that can move is very few and very few, make the body becomes fat so. To reduce weight, choose of a lot of person selected is on a diet, the kind that perhaps takes drug reducing weight, but this often can is opposite healthy cause damage. We introduce method of a few kinds of fitness today, let you reduce weight thin body no longer difficult.

Gymnastical method

1, jump metrical hold

There is a lot of on the net now about metrical held video, these are metrical holding is to be aimed at body place to design commonly, everybody can look for a paragraph appropriate oneself video will jump accordingly, take exercise with respect to what can have specific aim so, perfect body curve. This kind of method goes easily simply, and restrict without field.

2, lift dumbbell

The friend that wants thin arm can use the means that chooses dumbbell. The alternative that does not pass dumbbell everybody must notice, must if suit the ability of oneself weight can, do not have the effect too gently, may grow muscle again too, cause loss even. The sort of music arm is raised, need exerts oneself to do sth. but not arduous is appropriate.

3, step jump 3 minutes

A bunch of height is put to make an appointment with 30 centimeters newspaper on the floor, step right leg to go up in newspaper first, left foot steps on the ground, next double foot exchanges the position at the same time, become left foot to step newspaper, right leg steps on the ground. Undertake alternately so, one minute does the left and right sides 24 times, can form of beautiful body model, also can exercise cardiac to be able to bear or endure at the same time abiding ability.

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