Method of lady beautiful body has _ of what how beautiful body

Alleged beauty system makes through all sorts of methods the body becomes more beautiful namely more sexy, this is the business that doing between time-sharing of greater part of friend of a lot of females. As standard of living rise, need everyday the lady is increasing, the method of beautiful body is increasing also, a lot of people do not know how to should choose. We recommend the method of beautiful body of a few kinds of ladies to everybody today.

The method of lady beautiful body

1, reduce weight hold

Lie low is on gymnastical blanket, both hands across is put after the head, double leg departure and shoulder maintain with wide, curve knee. Tighten up next alvine, make with abdominal force the upper part of the body leaves the ground, the head stands by knee as far as possible, when them the distance is made an appointment with when two fists are far, maintain 3 seconds, loosen next return slowly former, repeat an act again then, control 10 times everyday, can make alvine evenness.

2, lift dumbbell

Double foot is amalgamative stand, the upper part of the body slightly pitch, both hands grasps dumbbell, and natural prolapse. Expiratory raise both hands to two side at the same time, curve elbow slightly, carry with humeral level position. Next again inspiratory put down both hands at the same time, return begin an action. One group is done 10 times, do 3 groups everyday, can make shoulder becomes fruity.

3, beautiful leg is held

Lie low is on gymnastical blanket, curve knee, let double foot stand by ham as far as possible. Next slowly unbend right leg, take up instep, carry at the same time buttock, let the upper part of the body, coxal, right leg become linear. Maintain this pose 2 seconds, loosen next, change left leg to repeat an act. Every leg does 15-18 each second, but beautiful leg.

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