Method of abundant breast beautiful body holds his head high hold out a bosom to do feminine _

The breast is the place that reflects glamour of a female and sex appeal, also be the one share that the female reflects oneself value, but Yu Huai of friend of a lot of females’ even to oneself now bosom be troubled, always dream to be able to have the breast of a pair of plump and rich flexibility. How should do so? We introduce the method of beautiful body of breast of a few kinds of abundant today.

The method of abundant breast beautiful body

1, nutrition wants to catch up with

The 11/12/13 day that comes from menstruation is breast enhancement 3 the fastest days, day of additionally 18-24 is the 2nd 7 fast days, in what breast enhancement wants among these 10 days you should absorb the food that has estrogen very much right amountly, for instance tomato, potato, legume, firm fruit, drink milk more even, especially papaya milk.

2, do breast enhancement exercise

The breast does not have musculature, but if hold to the word that bosom exercises to be able to make,chest muscle increases, chest muscle is below the breast, while chest muscle increases, the breast also can look a lot of plumper. Breast enhancement motion basically is morning and evening motion of the bosom that make spread and deep breathing, what conduce to bosom so is even and plump.

3, maintain daily

Can massage bosom with both hands everyday, cold water is used when bathing from go up to rinse a breast downward, can stimulate skin nerve so, make the breast becomes stronger. After bathing, can in bosom daub the beauty such as frost of a few breast enhancement breeds product, undertake massage to its next, the effect is met get twice the result with half the effort.

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