How to exercise arm muscle arm to have sarcous method _

As the change of people thinking idea, the travel that more and more people begin to join fitness comes in broomrape, to male friend, a pair of strong and strong arms can give the person beside to feel with safety more it seems that, because this is very much,the man wants to exercise arm muscle. So how to exercise arm muscle? We introduce a few kinds of methods today.

How to exercise arm muscle

1, lift dumbbell

Exercise the method with arm the simplest and effective muscle to lift dumbbell namely. Prepare the dumbbell of two kinds of different weight, heavier dumbbell uses the training arm power of specific aim, make the same score for instance lift or side lifts 20 to be a group, practicing the dumbbell with lighter weight of 56 groups of; everyday basically is to be used do a few warm-up to perhaps extend exercise.

2, pull-up

Exercising arm force pull-up also is a kind of good method. Do 10-20 every time it is a group, do everyday 3 to quadruplet, specific can bear according to oneself even capacity will adjust, want to notice nevertheless, both hands wants perpendicular hang at horizontal bar, the chin when doing exercise has wanted horizontal bar, anyhow should check the power of double arm, is not the help of private parts bounce.

3, push-up

Everybody had been familiar with push-up very much, the muscle that will exercise an arm with it also is very pretty good. This does not need any stage property, in the home when be free to be able to be done, want to notice nevertheless, the word with too good floor is hurt very easily in one’s hand face, do not do in rough cement the earth’s surface as far as possible so, it is better to still be done in ground of meadow, board.

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