Skip skill has how to decrease good _ of fertilizer efficiency fruit

Spring came, arrived to wear beautiful dress again when, but fat Mm people, begin really again sad, it can decrease fertilizer efficiency fruit with what kind of method is good to can decrease fertilizer efficiency fruit with what kind of method! The popular skip on the net reduces weight now the law is very of fire, so what does skip skill have? What skip method is there? It is good to can you decrease fertilizer efficiency fruit? I list a few to everybody below, let us look together!

Skip skill

1, skip time

Skip is motion of a whole body, it is a first-rate method reducing weight, because it does not suffer field to restrict, does great environmental protection have He Anquan? Also do not have to the body any side-effect, choose correct methodological skip, can achieve the result that reduce weight. Above all the quantity of skip wants to achieve, everyday not less than one hour, can burn 1300 calorie, be equivalent to cantering 3 hours, want to insist to be able to reduce the meat of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that goes up personally only.

2, skip pose

With skip this kind of method reduces weight, want to notice the pose of skip above all, hold in the arms rise jump when sky is medium, the body does not want exceeding to bend, and make natural bent gesture, when beating, breath should have rhythm, also want nature. And sole is not boxing foot or calcaneal touchdown, it is the needle before wanting to use a base dub ground. Otherwise if use total base touchdown, those who keep is jumpy the effect that has to reduce weight not only, cause cerebral concussion likely still, skip skill is very so fundamental, want to reduce weight fast must skill is correct.

3, skip movement

In skip process, if can around sways, the skip method of type of both hands across, it is effect reducing weight is the fastest, because such, can make double arm keeps swinging, it is the motion that the body makes picture circle, method of this kind of skip can let the body be opened quickly, exercised limb, each cell that is the body is bouncing rise, can use up calorie of where in great quantities this kind of method reducing weight is the most apparent.

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