Exercise function force to show _ of man male wind

The man arrived certain age, energy is met subsequently subsidise, plus what take exercise little, a lot of men are in 40 years old when function force already very fragile. How to exercise function power? Where is emersion man male wind? On medical angle, affecting the factor with male the biggest energy is hormonal excretive circumstance of the male, because the exudation of the androgen is one of matters that influence spermatozoon makes, had exercised the body to adjust body and mind groove ability keep good energy only, recommend a few kinds to exercise a method to us.

Exercise function power

1, bowleg moves

Face everyday before sleeping, after perhaps getting up in the morning, can do lie on one’s back and go knee bent movement. The main measure of this movement is, hold high double leg, capture the crus of the right side with left hand next, two side reduplicative is stretched and close the body slowly. This movement? It is the word of a bout with 5, one day is about to make 5 rounds, do what avaricious successive does not want when this movement, otherwise if can excessive exhaustion harms muscle, the bewitching female singer that insists to do you for some time to be able to discover you and leg department are strong.

2, sit-ups

The girl is to be in exercise flexibility, with the waist when can do sit-ups. When actually the male is exercising sexual function, sit-ups also is a very good motion, on the bed two legs as far as possible magnify, hold one’s head high to extension forward, touch with forehead bed face, the purpose is the body, utmost ground bends ahead, this kind of situp resembles the situp of the female that return form a little. In the process that do, this kind of pose must do according to one’s abilities, because of drawing of its utmost ground the muscle of waist and back, one day does the left and right sides 15 times very good.

3, good sitting position

Still have a kind of method that take exercise, it is the posture that taking at ordinary times, we see via regular meeting in the teleplay in Korea and Japan, their sitting position is the form that takes with genuflect, actually this kind of pose has very great help to exercising sexual function, the posture that takes with genuflect above all when take exercise has sat, adjust good breath next, make be enraged abdominally slowly expiratory, at that time anus wants gradually tighten up, breathe with this kind of method continuously, in the mouth gently expiratory, anus is hit slowly inspiratory. The method of this kind of height, when the function that can let sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve is alternant more smooth-going, exercised sexual function of the male thereby.

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