Meal hind can move how to to affect healthy _

The 100 paces after archaism has a meal go live to be 99, sitting to perhaps lying on meal wheeler is incorrect really, but the motion on meal wheeler also can cause harm to the body, how long can meal hind move? This constitution that also needs to differ has different time, general and normal person meal second half a few simple exercise can be done after the hour. If exercise just about, is the how long after that meal just the most correct won’t affect healthy?

How long can meal hind move

1, choice motion project

How long does meal hind move depend on athletic project, according to athletic intensity for, have take a walk, walk, square dance, like these athletic meal second half hour and a hour are OK. Still have a few campaign, canter for example, reduce weight hold, by bicycle, motion should arrive in a hour after the meal between two hours. Still have a few long-distance running, skip, play football, play volleyball, swim to belong to intense campaign like these motion, what want interval relative to time is a few longer, after the meal two hours arrive 3 hours, doing these exercise at that time is normaller, if undertake athletic sports is met on meal wheeler,reach intestines and stomach, meet even injury and heart, the quantity size that moves after the meal so and strength are very fundamental also.

2, dietary situation decision

The time of the motion after the meal, the quantity that follows have dinner actually and have dinner breed also have very big concern, if amount of the have dinner before motion is larger, what that is to say eats is too full, should not move in a hour after the meal so. Still be like fruit have dinner is pledge with high protein and adipose the food that give priority to, these food are very bad digestive, , eat such dietary and best move again later in two hours, meet otherwise injury and intestines and stomach. But if just ate a few carbohydrate, vegetable, fruit, or congee, rice, the food that give priority to, and eat also not be too full, such is in meal second half can move in the hour, when moving of course, also want slowly advance gradually cannot at a draught too acuteness.

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