How to make bare-handed fitness plan plan _

Gymnastical method is very much, do not need a few weapon, can drill all the same with bare-handed fitness law a good figure. Bare-handed exercise sarcous moment, it is to divide different muscle to undertake taking exercise, say to exercise chest muscle for example, can do again, the push-up of common type, exercise abdominal muscle to be able to do sit-ups, exercise back to be able to do pull-up. One kind these are minute of place takes exercise, so bare-handed one kind when take exercise how to just can accomplish the whole body takes exercise! Call us to do to exercise a plan.

Bare-handed exercise a plan

1, plan of a month

Be in bare-handed in exercising a process, want to do 6 groups push-up everyday, every groups should reach the limit, among OK and removed a minute, finish after push-up, loosen muscle, take clap one’s hand for instance or swing refuse, next redo 10 situp. Sit-ups should achieve a level, OK still redo 10 handstand, handstand push-up can be done after handstand has made period of time, this although very difficult, but take exercise to have very auspicious place really to cutaneous force. After these additional taking exercise, must hold to a week to rest two days to take exercise 5 days, such muscle ability get relaxation quite, if want to reduce weight, after doing these taking exercise, want to canter 40 minutes again, do motion of 40 minutes having oxygen to be able to achieve the result that reduce weight.

2, note

Doing bare-handed when taking exercise, want the body case according to oneself. If you want to reduce the meat of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married of bosom and abdomen, want practice to give chest muscle and abdominal muscle only, also can exercise an arm of course, make the line of the arm clearer humeral ministry is broader. When doing these taking exercise, must coordinate, and want do according to one’s abilities. Doing bare-handed a detailed body should be done to check before taking exercise, know him body which place, it is the place that has a problem, doing so when taking exercise, be about to undertake defend and be protectived.

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