The advantage of push-up has to practice means having what _

Doing push-up to exercise is the good method that I like, exercised muscle not only, the muscle of humeral ministry, and the change as a result of gimmick and crural law, can increase force and difficulty. Push-up will be right the muscle of back bosom has abdomen to exercise action goodly, and still can make a lot of variety, to the gymnastical effect that a few expect are less than, so what does the advantage of push-up have after all? What what kind is there? We let be summed up below!

The advantage of push-up reachs kind

1, enlarge bosom type

When doing push-up to take exercise, most is enlarge bosom type take exercise. The palm of both hands serves as strong point, two arms are stretched, be the same as at shoulder wide, if compare a shoulder a few wider, can increase humeral ministry, the waist, back, coxal force. , at that time elbow exerts oneself to do sth. , music arm can exercise the humerus triceps of chest muscle and the upper arm and abdominal muscle forcibly, insist for a long time to come down, can see oneself chest muscle is taken exercise to come out.

2, the type that place a shoulder

The palm that is both hands likewise serves as fulcrum, two arms are stretched, just both hands span is narrower, serve as strong point with double fist, boxing eye is forward. What this kind of means takes exercise is muscle, and the hardness of the power that can increase an artifice and fist. The attention answers when the exercise, the chooses area that prop up is OK first soft hind hard, take up wants when the artifice is propped up, lest sprain gives him,bring harm bad.

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