Handstand handstand should notice what _

Handstand is a kind of time that acrobatics art sees when middling, also make a kind of recreational activities that the youth likes very much and gymnastical way now. Handstand has a lot of profit to human body really, for instance OK and strong and handsome bodily form, reduce wrinkle, increase intelligence and reaction capacity. So how Where is handstand? What should handstand notice? Go looking together.

How handstand

1, handstand method

Should hold the body above all erect, left foot is stridden ahead, knee bends. Next both hands seizes the ground, right calcaneal tendon should be in right now sufficient extend. Next touchdown of the top of head, left leg backward unbend, double leg is amalgamative. Use tiptoe next slowly first towards the left is mobile 90 degrees, arrive when fixed position, the waist also wants towards the left to rise to be put down again. Go to again right repeat same act.

2, note

The head when handstand and hand ministry should be secured in same locally, turn mandible should close at the same time when using the body, can poise so, mental concentration should maintain when doing, will all consciousness is centered in 100 meetings acupuncture point, do general meeting to feel to have a headache for the first time, still had better go up in soft cushion do, can reduce headachy circumstance so.

3, handstand takes exercise

If handstand relying on a wall can hold to 2 minutes, so return to normal erect hind, can rest 3 minutes to undertake handstand the 2nd times again. Handstand is done 3 times in all, need 15 minutes about. The person take exercise with poorer constitution, can rely on a wall partly half handstand will practice, handstand is healthy to ours the profit that has a lot of, if have time at ordinary times,energy can undertake handstand take exercise.

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