Muscle training needs to notice has what note _

Want to have strong and handsome figure to want to have muscle above all, so a lot of men can go gym takes exercise, the hope can drill give a pair of strong and handsome figure. But it is different that muscle training and common body take exercise, the place that it needs to notice has a lot of, fail very easily otherwise, we read the note that muscle trains below.

Muscle trains a note

1, many groups of number

Want to take exercise muscle cannot fish 3 days two days to bask in a net, the time that must take out 60 ~ technically 90 minutes everyday will take exercise centrally. Every practice action wants 10 groups to do 8 ~ , such ability stimulate muscle adequately, accelerate its growth, also can lengthen sarcous to restore time at the same time, when so we take exercise every time, the proposal does a group more, every groups of intermittent time also do not want too long.

2, high density

What density says is the interval between two groups of movements and breathing space, the time that rests commonly says less perhaps at a minute for a minute spend for high density. Want to make rapid growth increases muscle piece, be about to reduce breathing space, increase pair of sarcous stimulation, when taking exercise, want preoccupied, such ability can put total energy in take exercise on.

3, peak is contractive

When a movement accomplishs the place with muscle the fiercest systole, should contract this kind the most nervous condition maintains do exercise of static force sex, the beginning that the action renews slowly again later the position. This practice can make muscle line drills very apparently, but also should insist for a long time to come down.

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