Decrease fat to add flesh method what to decreases fat to add flesh _

Of the progress as standard of living and people health idea rise, the person with obese body is increasing. A lot of people wait for a method to reduce weight through be on a diet, although lose weight, but the skin is very flabby however, the figure is not nice. Will reduce weight only and add flesh to be united in wedlock together to just can achieve ideal result. We come to the method that fat decreases to add muscle below the introduction below.

Decrease fat to add the method of flesh

1, nightly reduce content of carbolic to hydrate to absorb

Muscle trains be the support that needs carbohydrate, but in nightly when still had better reduce intake, because carbohydrate is absorbed after 8 o’clock in the evening,can increase the body adipose. Be in additionally nightly absorb carbohydrate, the insulin that the body releases is met grow in quantity, can increase adipose reserve so.

2, eat bit of cellulose more a little

Cellulose is OK between human body the absorption of block up carbohydrate, element of slow down candy enters haemal speed, decrease release insulin, can help thereby reduce adipose content. Also do not eat too much nevertheless, adipose content is otherwise insufficient, go against muscle to grow.

3, load training everyday two

Load training can let body generation can promote muscle to grow to be mixed with adipose reductive hormone enzymatic, nevertheless cannot excessive, it is OK to drill twice everyday. Because everyday two high frequency stimulation can promote glycogen to use up, prevent quantity of heat to be changed into adipose, detachment muscle grows effective.

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