Beautiful body abundant breeds what food has to let you eat a perfect bosom _

To female friends, the breast is the most significant position among the body, it can show the female’s figure. Because this major female hopes her breast is OK and a bit plumper, increase oneself sexy index. Want breast enhancement actually, the most important should promote a breast 2 times namely instead development, the food that this can breed through beautiful body abundant will achieve a goal.

The food that beautiful body abundant breeds

1, orange

Orange contains a lot ofdimension C, can prevent bosom effectively to be out of shape, make the breast becomes more strong, also can prevent bosom prolapse effectively at the same time or outside enlarge. Orange suggests to be in commonly anteprandial or hour of meal second half and before sleeping, eat, such abundant breast effects are best. Want to quicken breast enhancement to be able to take orange make wine, breast enhancement effect will be better.

2, earthnut

Every 2 hours eat fresh unripe pignut 10-20, when eating, should chew fine it goes down in pharynx, so OK and additional oil and vitamin B2, breast enhancement effect is very good. If ate to feel the stomach is uncomfortable, it is the reaction because of red to that garment, so pared the red garment of pignut eat again, can prevent the situation with gastric uncomfortable ministry so.

3, black sesame seed

Black sesame seed is contained rich protein, adipose, and vitamin E, black sesame seed of every 100 grams can contain vitamin E50.4 milligram, and vitamin E can promote ovarian growth, increase to estrogen is secreted and spur mammary growth, make a breast more strong and plump, so black sesame seed is abundant breeds beautiful is tasted.

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