Fitness adds flesh cookbook to eat a perfect figure _

Present person fitness besides it is to should reduce weight besides, hope to be able to add muscle more, such ability can make body line looks more well-balanced. Want fitness to add muscle, besides should hold to scientific and reasonable motion besides, in dietary respect also be to have very big cultured, we introduce a few kinds of fitness to add flesh cookbook for everybody today, let you take a perfect good shape.

Fitness adds flesh cookbook

1, bovine liver

The flesh acid that bovine liver contains can aid muscle to grow, iron enhances muscle red protein to generate, still can join additionally at adipose metabolize with energy, so it suits fitness to add the person of flesh to eat particularly. Eat 2 times every week, every time 220 grams control 200 ~ . With bovine liver although the beef of identical weight is protein content is same, but do not contain carbohydrate, also have more fat fat and quantity of heat.

2, white bread

The around that training eats bag of a few flour to be able to use up carbohydrate quickly, still can be decomposed in order to prevent muscle, this one function is most apparent when it and protein are absorbed at the same time. Train before half hours to eat two white bread to add cheese, training hind eats 3 biscuit to add conserve, drinking albumen of a few serum to suckle former times.

3, honey

Honey is ideal carbohydrate, use up do not meet those who stimulate insulin quickly to secrete however with rise, can control constitutional standard. In training around can take 2 spoon honey each, honey can be added in suckling former times, also but daub is on biscuit, oneself like how to eat.

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