Arm muscle exercises _ of method male necessary general knowledge

To men, the arm that has be good at large can be figure and figure to add cent undoubtedly, also can make the sweetheart has safe feeling more, so now very cross male friend to exercise arm sarcous mentioned agenda to come up. So what does the method that arm muscle exercises have? We introduce in detail for everybody today below, want to do model male will quickly have a look.

The method that arm muscle exercises

1, point to maintain push-up

Place good push-up pose, want to part both hands the five fingers nevertheless, prop up the upper part of the body with finger, the distance of two tactics is the same as with the shoulder about wide, quite bosom, receive an abdomen, two legs and approach and unbend, tiptoe place maintains the ground, the whole body straight. Repeat do point to open push-up campaign, when doing, should notice to adjust breath.

2, catch promote a heavy thing

The body stands, bipod is apart, fu body holds a heavy thing with finger, the amount that uses antebrachium bends an arm to mention up clog, after stopping 3 seconds, put down slowly. After after also can mentioning of course, lasting 30 seconds to come 60 seconds again slow put down. Finish a hand changes another again, repeat alternately undertake.

3, the turn lifts dumbbell

The body is erect, bipod departure and shoulder are the same as wide, still receive an abdomen next, hold out a bosom, hold the body erect, two the back of hand handhold ahead dumbbell is flagging before the body. Then inspiratory, handholding dumbbell bends the position before removing a bosom, a little halt jumps over 3 seconds of time, next expiratory, restore slowly former, want to repeat an exercise.

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