How fitness is in the home methodological _ of fitness

Present person life and actuating pressure are greater, the time that can rest also is not very much, want to go the word of gym fitness does not have the time with spare what more. But must fitness go gym? Either, euqally OK in the home fitness. So in the home how Where is fitness? We introduce lower part standard below.

How fitness

1, push-up

In the sitting room or bedroom, want only anyway it is room vacant lot on, any has enough space to be able to put each in or so both sides alone the place of stool is OK. Prop up the upper part of the body with two tactics next, double leg unbend and approach, tiptoe pedal ground, it is OK to begin group push-up to move. The muscle with abdominal to taking exercise push-up is very helpful, insisting for a long time to come down to have abdominal muscle is not a dream

2, lift dumbbell

Lift dumbbell to have profit very much to exercising the muscle of arm. Prepare the mineral spring water bottle of two replete water, will do dumbbell with them, sit on bench next, parallel upgrade lifts mineral water bottle, 15 are a group, do 3 groups. If can use dumbbell to undertake taking exercise directly,be best of course, want to notice the dumbbell weight of the choice nevertheless.

3, help a wall up to crouch partly

Look for one side wall, help wall up with the hand, the power that leans leg ministry at the same time falls slowly crouch, one group does 15, do 3 groups. This movement basically is to be used exercise leg ministry, what when crouching below, should notice to hold the upper part of the body is erect, the action that stays below must slow, go up not urgently to fall urgently, the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that insists for some time to be able to discover leg ministry slowly disappear, and grow in quantity of leg ministry muscle.

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